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Shaumik Choudhury

Dougherty Valley High SchoolClass of 2025San Ramon, California



  • "How can I design a water filtration pump that is powered off of a solar panel?" with mentor Kyle (Working project)

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How can I design a water filtration pump that is powered off of a solar panel?

Started Nov. 12, 2023

Abstract or project description

A portable water pump that runs off solar power. The main use of this item is for campers or hikers, ensuring that they can have safe drinking water at any time they are near a water source. The water filter and pump won't be too big, weighing less than 15 pounds and will be housed in an 18" * 12" * 6" box. The goal is to turn water from a water source like a lake or a river into safe drinking water by running it through filters so that the water meets California Drinking Water Standards. The box will have a few components: a tube to take in water from the source, a first physical filtration system that takes out the large particles from the water, a pump to push the water at a higher pressure, another physical filtration system to remove the finer minerals from the water, and finally an adsorption system to ensure the removal of all minerals. This now-filtered water is pumped out of the box at a rate of at least 1 Lpm (still working on the numbers for that) and would act as a faucet. If time allows, a research paper detailing the process of the project will be written.