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Polygence Scholar2023
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Shannon Cross

Class of 2026Virginia beach, Virginia



  • "How will AI technologies impact the legal industry in the future?" with mentor Amaya (Sept. 13, 2023)

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How will AI technologies impact the legal industry in the future?

Started May 8, 2023

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For many years lawyers have been the primary way people can get help with legal troubles. Recently as technology has advanced, AI has made a dramatic impact on many industries, including how we might get legal support in the future. People may no longer need to rely solely on lawyers and can instead ask AI their questions. And what about how lawyers do their work? This paper will also research the effects AI will likely have on the legal profession in the future. As AI has already begun to affect lawyers daily through research and document review, it is expected to ultimately become a large part of how lawyers work in the future. Currently, AI is used to review contracts and documents, rebutting, advancing arguments, and citing relevant case law. As of now these tasks still need human supervision but soon, they might not. In this paper, we will also explore possible risks with the proliferation of AI. As seen so far, it is likely AI will dramatically affect the future of lawyers and will most likely become a major tool for their case, if the risks can be mitigated.