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Polygence Scholar2023
Shalini Punekar's profile

Shalini Punekar

Class of 2024Livermore, California


Hello! My name is Shalini Punekar, and I am a senior at Granada High School doing the IB Diploma. My project is on semi-autonomous systems and their safety concerns when paired with distracted driving. I'm very much intrigued by AI and its applications and how it is penetrating into almost every major area of knowledge; I would love to pursue it in my future studies.

Project Portfolio

The Semi-Autonomous Systems’ Dangers to Humans

Started Mar. 21, 2023

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Abstract or project description

Semi-autonomous vehicles represent a technological leap forward, yet they come with their own set of challenges. The term "semi-autonomous" often misleads users into thinking these systems are fully autonomous, leading to complacency and trust in the technology, a trust that should not exist to the extent that it does. While the safety of AI-powered systems has been extensively studied, the lack of warning mechanisms for distracted driving remains a concern, contributing to a rise in fatalities. This paper reviews the limitations and risks posed by current semi-autonomous systems and addresses the need for enhanced safety measures and potential adjustments to semi-autonomous systems, arguing that semi-autonomous systems amplify risks on the road rather than enhancing driving efficiency.