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Sathvega Somasundaram

Class of 2026San Jose, CA


Hello, I am Sathvega Somasundaram and my reserach is on stuttering. I chose this because it is something I've lived with more my whole life and it sparked curiosity among the years. Hopefully after this project, I wish to submit it to a symposium and publish my reserach along with writing a blog about my journey through this.


  • "What causes stuttering and how can it be categorized?" with mentor Rob (Jan. 27, 2024)

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What causes stuttering and how can it be categorized?

Started Sept. 28, 2023

Abstract or project description

The main objective of this project is to research the complex phenomenon of stuttering, especially its vast spectrum of different causes and types of stuttering. The project focuses on the impact genetic, neurobiological, and psychological factors have on this phenomenon, varying brain activity, and phonological memory among stutterers.

This research aims to deliver a deeper understanding of a topic that isn’t as prominent as others, as well as shed light on the various components that affect stuttering in many ways. Some include exploring how emotional and psychological factors, genetic elements, and patterns in speech play a role in it. Presenting this research through neuroimaging, genomic, and brain studies, this paper aspires to contribute to a broader spectrum of speech disorders like this speech impediment, overall raising awareness of stuttering among both professionals and the public.