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Polygence Scholar2023
Sanjana Lakshmi's profile

Sanjana Lakshmi

Class of 2023Singapore, Singapore

Project Portfolio

In what ways can theatre organisations and businesses effectively collaborate to achieve optimal synergy and create unique, mutually beneficial partnerships?

Started Feb. 8, 2023

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Abstract or project description

In a rapidly digitized world where entertainment options are abundant and consumers have a plethora of choices, theater organizations face more potent challenges than ever before. To remain competitive, sustainable, and profitable, theater companies may need to explore partnerships with other organizations. Such collaborations are mutually beneficial, providing both parties with unique perspectives, resources, and audiences. Theater organizations' distinctive structure can offer innovative ideas and expertise to their partner businesses, further enhancing the benefits of the collaboration.

While the shape of these collaborations can adopt many forms, it is essential to ensure that the requirements and commitments of both parties complement one another. To explore this more deeply, this investigation surveyed a group of theater organizations to understand their primary needs and what they can offer in a partnership. Based on the results, the investigation proposes three potential collaborations for the respective parties: renting the theater space for corporate hospitality, residential partnerships, and lastly, props, set, and costume acquisition collaborations. The proposed collaborations focus on leveraging the strengths and resources of both parties while remaining realistic about the feasibility and constraints of these proposed partnerships.

While the implementation of these ideas will require fine-tuning to the specific circumstances of the collaboration, this research lays the groundwork for future partnerships between theater organizations and corporations. By identifying and embracing potential collaborations that leverage the strengths of both parties, the industry can tap into new opportunities for growth and innovation while responding to a rapidly changing entertainment landscape.