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Samyuktha Gopinath Lakshmi's cover illustration
Polygence Scholar2024
Samyuktha Gopinath Lakshmi's profile

Samyuktha Gopinath Lakshmi

Class of 2026Fremont, CA


Hello! My name is Samyuktha and I'm excited to be working on a research project at Polygence regarding genetic therapies for down syndrome. I am interested in the field of medicine and biology. Some of my hobbies include dancing, playing percussion and doing calligraphy. I look forward to a great summer with Polygence!


  • "A review on pathologies of diseases driven by Down Syndrome" with mentor Hugh (Working project)

Project Portfolio

A review on pathologies of diseases driven by Down Syndrome

Started Apr. 28, 2023

Abstract or project description

This project is focused on exploring diseases driven by Down Syndrome and the causal evidence that support these hypotheses. This paper will collect and curate the various new papers that have been published over recent years to identify the different hypotheses in how Down Syndrome can lead to different diseases. Diseases that will be explored in this paper include Alzheimer's disease, leukemia, several metabolic diseases, etc. For each disease, the statistical connection, causal hypotheses and evidence will be investigated. The goal for this paper is to help scientists identify where current research is, the directions that are taken and the discoveries and patterns that have been identified over recent years.