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Fall 2023

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Sahil Nayak

Class of 2025San Ramon, CA


Hi! My name is Sahil Nayak. Some of my interests include computer science, business, playing the piano, and playing basketball. I plan on creating a project on either computer science or economics/finance.


  • "How will AI technology impact the stock price of companies in the semiconductor industry?" with mentor Ethan (Working project)

Project Portfolio

How will AI technology impact the stock price of companies in the semiconductor industry?

Started June 8, 2023

Abstract or project description

As AI technology has advanced, hardware is needed to run the technology and support is computing power. There are several companies that make the chips needed for AI, a key example being Nvidia. This company has been able to capitalize on the surge in the demand for AI technology, and their Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) have become increasingly relied upon by companies in the AI field. This growth has caused a massive spike in Nvidia’s market price, and it has reached a market cap of $1.042 trillion. The demand for AI has also had great effects on Nvidia’s competitors, including Intel Corporation and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), as well as on manufacturers, such as Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company. This paper will conduct an analysis on the effects of AI on the semiconductor industry, including its effects on major companies as well as on the supply chain as a whole. It will also examine the potential increase in the value of this industry driven by the expansion of the AI market and demand.