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Polygence Scholar2023
Sabina Datwani's profile

Sabina Datwani

Class of 2024Pleasanton, CA



  • "Evaluation" with mentor Siobhan (Sept. 4, 2023)

Project Portfolio


Started Apr. 27, 2023

Abstract or project description

According to the California Senate, 25,777 families are chronically homeless in California. However many more families are at imminent risk. I examine the main causes of families at risk of homelessness in California. I review existing subsidies and resources for families at risk of experiencing homelessness (e.g., Project Roomkey, CalWorks, Bringing Families Home Program, Home Safe Program, Community Care Expansion Program). I evaluate these resources based on their effectiveness of keeping families housed alongside other benefits, such as mental health, XXXX. I make a policy recommendation to improve the homelessness response for families who have reached this point based on my evaluation of the subsidies’ efficacy.