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Spring 2024

Saaketh will be presenting at The Symposium of Rising Scholars on Saturday, March 23rd! To attend the event and see Saaketh's presentation.

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Saaketh Suvarna

Class of 2025chicago, IL



  • "AI-Powered Precision: Revolutionizing Lunar Landings with Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning" with mentor Cody (Jan. 20, 2024)

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AI-Powered Precision: Revolutionizing Lunar Landings with Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning

Started Sept. 22, 2023

Abstract or project description

This paper investigates how a deep learning-based neural network can effectively enable precise and safe autonomous navigation for space vehicles in various environmental conditions. With a recent increase in interest in developing a lunar presence via the Artemis missions, the need for safe autonomous landing systems also increases. Using a convolutional neural network trained on topographic maps of a simulated landing zone for a robotic lander, the neural network is capable of identifying global regions of interest for flat landing spots along with local solutions to simulate real-time response during a mission scenario. Via simulated results with various initial landing trajectories, the neural network was capable of identifying if the initial landing spot can be deemed safe and if not, able to identify nearby landing locations that are attainable in terms of velocity limitations. The model efficiently calculates the best landing spots in the quickest time