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Ryan Chang

Class of 2026Great Neck, NY



  • ""East Meets West: A Comparative Analysis of the Chinese and American Education Systems"" with mentor Nora (Dec. 5, 2023)

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"East Meets West: A Comparative Analysis of the Chinese and American Education Systems"

Started June 22, 2023

Abstract or project description

How would you compare your experiences in Chinese schools to your experiences in American schools? What differences have you noticed in teaching styles between the two countries? How is the social atmosphere different among students in China compared to the US? What are some differences in the workload and types of assignments? Did you feel any cultural shock when you moved? How did this impact your educational experience? What motivated your decision to have your child(ren) educated in either China or the US? Have you noticed any significant differences in your child’s behavior or attitude towards learning since they moved? How would you compare your involvement in your child’s education in China versus in the US? What have been the most challenging aspects of navigating the education system in both countries? How do you perceive the quality of education in China compared to that in the US? How would you describe the main differences in curriculum between Chinese and American schools? In what ways does classroom management differ between the two countries? Have you adapted your teaching style after experiencing both education systems? If so, how? What are the key differences in the expectations placed on teachers in China compared to those in the US? What are the most rewarding and challenging aspects of teaching in each country? In what ways do you believe the education system in each country prepares students for the future? Are there any lessons you think one country could learn from the other's education system?