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Polygence Scholar2022
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Russell Widder

Suncoast Community High SchoolClass of 2023Palm Beach Gardens, Florida



  • "How do different mechanical roller coaster restraints compare through a mechanical analysis?" with mentor Regina (Oct. 13, 2022)

Project Portfolio

How do different mechanical roller coaster restraints compare through a mechanical analysis?

Started June 17, 2022

Abstract or project description

A variety of different corporations and roller coaster models are available to parks for purchase. A comprehensive review is necessary to understand the differences between different mechanical restraints in order to fully justify a purchase.The mechanical analysis of the restraints mainly involves the durability of each mechanism, with a focus on load to failure, materials utilized, minimum and maximum operating temperatures, in addition to the lifespan of the mechanism itself. The complexity and weight were also considered in the analysis. These aspects of the designs were considered due to the importance in relation to maintenance and risk of failure over the operating period of a ride. Investigating and comparing the materials used for specific components in the mechanisms along with stress and load testing were completed as primary modes of comparison between restraint mechanisms. The release system was also tested through the same means as the restraint itself. I want to have an intuitive ranking system that is based off of the raw data and compares the different systems. Be able to give recommendations for a specific restraint based on circumstances. Explain future research I would like to conduct into the systems of a roller coaster.