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Polygence Scholar2023
Rohan Sabbella's profile

Rohan Sabbella

Class of 2024Cupertino, CA



  • "An EEG study of music and its role in familiarity and memory" with mentor Adam (Aug. 18, 2023)

Project Portfolio

An EEG study of music and its role in familiarity and memory

Started Feb. 10, 2023

Abstract or project description

Music has always been regarded as “magical” in relation to memory. Scientists know of the correlative relationship between memory and music, with cases of people with late stage Alzheimer’s clearly remembering songs from their childhoods, but the inner workings of this relationship is still extremely unclear. Garnering more information about said relationship can further enhance the usage of music therapies as a behavioral treatment to today’s uncurable dementia-related diseases, such as Alzheimer’s Disease.