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Polygence Scholar2023
Ravan Seyfullayev's profile

Ravan Seyfullayev

Class of 2023Baku, Nizami



  • "Understanding people’s concerns about artificial intelligence across contexts" with mentor Madeline (Nov. 2, 2023)

Project Portfolio

Understanding people’s concerns about artificial intelligence across contexts

Started July 31, 2023

Abstract or project description

This research delves into the cognitive processes that underpin the recognition of AI and its perceived advantages. It addresses the concern stemming from AI's potential negative impact on the job market, which has given rise to apprehensions about its effects on employment. Moreover, the role of psychological factors in shaping individuals' attitudes towards AI is of paramount importance. Notably, the self-evolutionary autonomy in AI often triggers feelings of fear and uncertainty. Cultural recognition, in fact, emerges as a factor that can significantly alter people's perceptions. By immersing ourselves in these intricate cognitive and psychological dimensions, this study enriches our comprehension of how AI's perception evolves. It significantly contributes to the ongoing discourse surrounding AI's societal implications, shedding light on the potential for perceiving AI as a beneficial force rather than a detriment.