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Raghav Sareen

Class of 2024Pleasanton, CA


Hello. My name is Raghav Sareen and my polygence project is on ChatGPT and prompt engineering. When I am finished with my project, I would like to hopefully publish my research and prompts so that other people can use them. I am doing this project because the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and ChatGPT is attracting more and more people to use these services and they will encounter the same problem that I as a student am currently when trying to get solutions to math problems. So I hope that the prompts I create and my research can help these people out and make ChatGPT a more user-friendly tool.


  • "The Efficacy Of ChatGPT with Mathematics" with mentor Andrew (Sept. 9, 2023)

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The Efficacy Of ChatGPT with Mathematics

Started May 23, 2023

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Large Language Models such as ChatGPT are designed so that all a user needs to do is type a prompt into the textbox and press enter and the machine does all the calculations and presents the response for the user. But how does it really work? Where did the machine get the information from and how does it process all the data? Although we don't really think about what goes in the background of these machines, it is essential to know how these work and how we can make the best use of them. This era of AI has just recently begun and will continue to basically expand and sooner or later will be the next big search engine that everyone will be using. When using a source to conduct research or even just asking questions, one would want to know its limitations and how to maybe overcome them or the best ways to get the most clear results possible. Essentially, it is going to be crucial to know how to use these machines and what goes in their background which we as users do not see.