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Polygence Scholar2021
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Pranav Tatavarti

Menlo SchoolClass of 2023Los Altos, California



  • "Video surveillance system" with mentor Adrien (Aug. 18, 2021)

Pranav's Symposium Presentation

Project Portfolio

Video surveillance system

Started Apr. 19, 2021

Abstract or project description

This system of three raspberry pis along with a NAS (network attached storage, basically like a PC with little computing power but a LOT of storage that is on your network) built from scratch is a great way to remotely monitor any places throughout your home. The setup consists of three raspberry pis, each running a special single - board OS called motion eye OS. Each pi has one camera directly wired to it, and each one is also wirelessly connected to the NAS, which has motion eye running through a docker container. This allows you to monitor the activity seen by each pi from one place: the ip address of the NAS followed by the port number of the docker container running motion eye (which can be accessed from any device on your network). This system also leverages the NAS's higher computing power compared to the raspberry pis to offer much higher expandability than only one pi that several cameras are directly wired to. You also get the benefit of several terabytes of NAS storage. This system is both cheaper and more effective than retail solutions from companies like Ring or Nest.