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Polygence Scholar2022
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Peter Wang

HomeschoolClass of 2023Sunnyvale, CA



  • "Effects of Covid Vaccination on Infection Rates" with mentor Daniel (Feb. 23, 2022)

Project Portfolio

Effects of Covid Vaccination on Infection Rates

Started Oct. 28, 2021

Abstract or project description

Research Question 1: How does country-wide vaccination-rate affect infection rates and death rates?

Research Question 2: How does a region’s vaccination rate impact infection/death rates across different age groups?

Abstract: The Covid-19 vaccine is one of the first widely marketed mRNA vaccines. There are a lot of questions about its efficacy. Researchers have attempted to model how vaccination rates impact infection rates, but this has only been studied in a few select countries. Involving multiple countries is important because different countries have different policies and cultures that might impact the spread of Covid-19. To investigate efficacy, public data on vaccination rates and new cases are used. In countries with high vaccination, infection rates are modeled assuming lower vaccination rates based on patterns before the population was mostly vaccinated. The results are compared to current trends. Additionally, vaccinations and infection rates for different age groups are compared to see which groups are most vulnerable to Covid and which are most affected by vaccination. The study hopes to shed more light on vaccine efficacy and how it might differ in different populations, which is important for policy decisions and for informing the public.