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Paige Collier

Carondelet High SchoolClass of 2022Danville, California


Hi there, I am Paige! I live in California, and am currently a senior at Carondelet High School. Some of my favorite subjects in school include political science, English, French, and music. In my free time, I am an avid reader and I love swimming! I am really excited to be sharing with all of you my research project! If you find my project interesting, I would love to see you register with the link above to attend my conference talk on Sep. 18, Saturday. I will be presenting my classics project, and I would love to connect with you and share one of my passions!


  • "The Myth of Gender Roles: Portrayals of Women in Greek Mythology" with mentor Sarah (Aug. 18, 2021)

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The Myth of Gender Roles: Portrayals of Women in Greek Mythology

Started June 3, 2021

Abstract or project description

How is the portrayal of women from roughly 2800 years ago, as seen in ancient greek mythological and historical writing, similar to the portrayal of these same women today? This project aims to answer this question by exploring how women are depicted in Greek mythology past and present. Through close textual and visual analysis of ancient and modern text and images of Greek myth, this project looks at the common thread for both time periods; the idea of gender roles, a social ideology which imposes a set of rules for each gender to follow.

Perceptions of Greek women through common themes are apparent as precursors to modern gender roles, specifically the themes of the value of women in relation to their male peers, degree of cunning and manipulation, and agency in their own lives are evident in the earliest accounts of Greek Mythology.

Modern retellings and translations have taken different approaches to either highlight, or create an absence of light on the subject, which impacts views of Greek mythology in a modern and ancient sense.

This paper will be translated into an educational audio-visual presentation to appeal to a wider audience in a more accessible format.

My hope in this project is to create an educationally stimulating but enjoyable presentation for individuals who are also interested in Classical Studies and Greek Mythology, specifically people who are impacted by gender roles and feel inclined to learn more.