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Ozan Demiroglu

Class of 2024Katy, Texas


Hello! My name is Ozan Demiroglu, and my Polygence project is on runaway inflation in Turkey, and the potential for an economic solution to Turkish economic burdens. I chose to work on this project because I myself am Turkish, have a lot of family in Turkey, and have seen the effects of this inflation, and so I truly have a personal connection and urgency for finding a solution to this issue. After my research is finished, I wish to publish and present it!


  • "Turkish Hyperinflation: Steps to take for stabilization" with mentor LITCY (Working project)

Project Portfolio

Turkish Hyperinflation: Steps to take for stabilization

Started June 14, 2023

Abstract or project description

For my research I first wish to do a literature review on the roots of the Turkish economy, the causes of current hyperinflation, and the current political-economic status of Turkey which is exacerbating the inflation issue. After gaining an understanding of these issues, my focus will be solution oriented- what steps can Turkey take to curb inflation issues? I will be studying how different countries have made it past their own respective challenges, and seeing how applicable these solutions are for turkey moving forward. In addition, to attain qualitative data, I will be conducting a series of formal interviews with a variety of people- people from varying social classes, people of the Turkish diaspora, NGOs, and if possible, government personnel. Through my research, I hope to accurately depict how the people of Turkey are being affected in the present, and what measures Turkey can take towards stability.