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Nithin Sivakumar

Flower Mound High SchoolClass of 2024FLOWER MOUND, TX



  • "What is the most efficient way of detecting fake news on a text base level?" with mentor Jim (Feb. 9, 2023)

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What is the most efficient way of detecting fake news on a text base level?

Started Feb. 1, 2022

Abstract or project description

Social media is widely prevalent in our daily lives as it has become one of the most widespread mediums for publicizing news and information. Due to its extensive usage, millions of different news outlets have sprouted in the past few decades with the purpose of influencing the public with targeted information. However, in the masses, some sources take advantage of the gullible public to further private agendas by altering the facts. To prevent the public from falling into the bait, detecting fake news and altering the public is essential. In the envisioning of my project, I aim to create a synthesis that compares and contrasts different articles on detecting fake news to determine the best possible way to catch incorrect information before it becomes available to the broader public. Over the years, others have attempted to tackle the same issue with various results. My intention is to summarize all the different methods, algorithms, and structures and derive a combination of them that works best. The final result will be a paper that is broken down into three different parts: an analysis of previous fake news detection techniques, details of a newly proposed method to detect fake news, and the steps it took to create and validate the said model. When it comes to sources and data sets the project will be assessing a lot of the same material used by previous studies as well as any new additional sources needed for research purposes. Most of the data will be large quantities of sample sets of fake and real news to train machines. The final takeaway from the project will be not only to find a tangible solution to detecting fake news but to also kick off a wider impact for the future. As mentioned before, social media is only growing more popular day by day so being able to stimulate factual information while still keeping up the right to free speech is a crucial step in humanity’s progression.