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Polygence Scholar2023
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Nishanth Upadhyayula

Class of 2024Fremont, CA



  • "Characterization of key programmed death genes in lung adenocarcinoma" with mentor Kim (Nov. 17, 2023)

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Characterization of key programmed death genes in lung adenocarcinoma

Started June 27, 2023

Abstract or project description

Genes mediating death programs such as autophagy and apoptosis are involved in mediating tumor survival and therapy resistance across various types of tumors including NSCLC. In the current study we seek to characterize the key programmed death genes in primary and metastatic NSCLC. To this end we will (1) access and download open source data from cBioportal, The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA), and other databases containing clinical and gene expression data; (2) subset the expression matrix on autophagy and apoptosis genes; and (3) perform differential gene expression (DEseq) and principle component analysis (PCA) analyses on both full and subsetted gene expression datasets derived from primary and metastatic NSCLC patient tumors.