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Nishan Dhillon

Class of 2025Bellevue, WA



  • "The Impact of Generative AI on Teenagers" with mentor Isabella (Oct. 24, 2023)

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The Impact of Generative AI on Teenagers

Started June 3, 2023

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The paper explores the implications of generative artificial intelligence (AI), focusing on its potential risks for teenagers. Generative AI, processes extensive data, such as Shakespeare's works, to create diverse outputs, including text and images. While generative AI has advanced capabilities, the lack of regulations raises concerns about its impact on teenagers, who may struggle to distinguish between fact and fiction online.

The author identifies three types of harmful information: misinformation (unintentional falsehoods), disinformation (intentional manipulation), and malinformation (partially true but misleading). Teenagers, being inexperienced, are susceptible to these forms of misleading content.

The paper also addresses the manipulation of search engine results by generative AI chatbots like Bing's "Sydney," emphasizing the vulnerability of teenagers to distorted information. Beyond mis/dis/malinformation, the author introduces a fourth category: dangerous information, which includes instructions on creating weapons. Unregulated generative AI may inadvertently provide access to such harmful content.

The conclusion emphasizes the need for generative AI creators to address inherent flaws, implement regulations, or provide clear disclaimers to mitigate potential harm. The paper advocates for responsible development and usage of generative AI, especially considering its impact on the younger generation entering the job market and other influential roles.