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Polygence Scholar2023
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Neoli Das

Class of 2024Sunnyvale, California


Hi there! My name is Neoli Das and I am sixteen years old. I am interested in creating a project to talk about sexual assault in America! Additionally, with the idea of promoting my business where we sell security and self-defense gadgets, I want to spread awareness of the increasing rate of sexual violence in a possible webinar or conference! After this project, I will love to still focus on my business and major in engineering and product design in college! Let's see where this heads me! ♡♡♡


  • "Women, Empowerment, and Safety (WES) What kind of workshop structure and content will enable women in my area to feel empowered and connect over safety?" with mentor Madison (June 22, 2023)

Project Portfolio

Women, Empowerment, and Safety (WES) What kind of workshop structure and content will enable women in my area to feel empowered and connect over safety?

Started Sept. 30, 2022

Abstract or project description

Within these next seven sessions, we want to possibly create a workshop that can allow girls anywhere to bond and talk about the issues of sexual assault and harassment in their daily lives. As a young woman, I have heard multiple stories growing up of events relating to sexual assault or harassment. After encountering a personal experience, I knew that I had to do something to make a change and bring safety to other following girls who could end up in the same position I was. The fact that almost 97 percent of women have undergone sexual harassment brings me to this movement to create a workshop where we can bond as women and find practical ways and uses to help bring safety to us and others. I definitely believe that I would begin by creating an online workshop for now, as it will be much more accessible for people, and possibly interview people about what they would like to see in this program and feedback! I hope to create an audience surrounding this movement as I want to spread the message that the women of today do not need to surrender to passed-down cultural norms. This workshop and connecting with articles and news will lead to me a great experience and broader perspective of my career-based goals. With my business plan in mind, I would like to talk about this experience in a talk show or speech to establish my accomplishments. I cannot wait to see how this goes!


  • I have a very close connection with a Harvard Professor who has connected me with multiple conventions and conference groups in Berkeley! I could possibly talk to my connections in this college for connecting students with my workshop! I am a volunteer in the Decode Convention in Berkeley, and will definitely talk to the lead about this!
  • I want these workshops to teach women how to stay safe at all times, and how to change their mentality about our practiced fear in today’s society. For example, I can bring inspirational and motivational speakers to discuss about their experience and what we can learn from that! Perhaps with the Decode Convention, I can create a conference center specifically about women empowerment! Just an idea!