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Navya Saravanakumar

Class of 2025



  • "What is the correlation between ACEs and school shootings?" with mentor Marley (Oct. 5, 2023)

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What is the correlation between ACEs and school shootings?

Started June 9, 2023

Abstract or project description

Navya is writing a literature review summarizing current research on links between ACES and school shootings. She plans to organize the topic by breaking down ACEs as a means of evaluating childhood trauma, with a focus on bullying. Other discussion points may center on how ACEs are scored/measured, different types, and how they manifest later in life. Navya will also look at the link from both directions: whether school shooters have high ACEs scores AND whether high ACEs scores predict whether someone will become a school shooter. This review will help us to determine which aspects of ACEs are most likely to lead to school shootings, and thereby prevent tragedy from occurring in the future.