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Polygence Scholar2023
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Moyosoreoluwa Orimoloye

Class of 2023Oniru Estate, Victoria Island, Lagos


Hello, My name is ORIMOLOYE Moyosore, and my Project is on the Potential Of DNA as a Data Storage Method. I am an avid learner and can't wait to take advantage of this opportunity.


  • "The Potential Of DNA as a Data Storage Method" with mentor Kan (Oct. 2, 2023)

Project Portfolio

The Potential Of DNA as a Data Storage Method

Started June 26, 2023

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Abstract or project description

The rapid advancement of information technology in the 21st century has driven the exploration of unconventional data storage methods. My research project reviews the feasibility of utilising DNA as a potential storage and data manipulation medium. DNA's inherent information-carrying capacity, stability, and data density make it a promising candidate for overcoming the limitations of traditional digital storage, such as storage density. The project involved evaluating the processes of encoding, writing, reading, and manipulating data using DNA molecules, followed by an assessment of the approach's efficiency, reliability, and scalability. The results of my research project offer insight into the field of data storage and computing, presenting a new paradigm for information preservation and manipulation.