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Polygence Scholar2022
Meghna Sahu's profile

Meghna Sahu

California High SchoolClass of 2025San Ramon, California


My name is Meghna, and my Polygence project is about digital marketing in the makeup industry, and how it is used to attract and retain Generation Z consumers. I presented my research at the Polygence Symposium of Rising Scholars and published in the Journal of Student Research - High School.

Project Portfolio

Digital Marketing in the Makeup Industry - Attraction and Retention of Generation Z

Started Apr. 27, 2022

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Abstract or project description

This study investigates the changing nature of marketing, especially by the makeup industry, as Generation Z increasingly employs its growing purchasing power. What do attraction and retention marketing tactics look like as brands seek to win Generation Z consumers? The research investigated the significance of Generation Z’s purchasing power, and found that younger consumers value personal connections, authenticity, and engaging with brands over digital platforms. Specifically in the makeup industry, social media, beauty influencer partnerships, and storytelling are employed to attract Generation Z. Brand communities, satisfying consumers, and loyalty programs are used to retain the younger consumers. A case study of the makeup brand Glossier illustrates how a digitally native brand uses digital tactics to win over the tech-savvy generation.