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Spring 2024

Manasvi will be presenting at The Symposium of Rising Scholars on Saturday, March 23rd! To attend the event and see Manasvi's presentation.

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Manasvi Jambula

Class of 2025Danvillie, CA



  • "Medical biotechnology" with mentor Matthew (Sept. 23, 2023)

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Medical biotechnology

Started May 22, 2023

Abstract or project description

This project will be a scientific review of the history and accomplishments of medical biotechnology through the lens of recombinant DNA technology and genetic engineering. It will cover some seminal breakthroughs in the field that have occurred over the past few decades as well as explore currently standing bottlenecks. This project starts by explaining the different technologies and examples of where they are used. It then transitions to the newer and more recent developments in the field and the ethical debate. There are many promising discoveries and The ongoing development of recombinant and gene editing technologies allows for new possibilities and future advancement in medical biotechnology.