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Lucas Lee

Class of 2024



  • "Sport Psychology Strategies In Tennis" with mentor Daphne (Sept. 3, 2023)

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Sport Psychology Strategies In Tennis

Started July 7, 2023

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Lucas plans on writing a research paper about different sport psychology techniques that could be used to influence an athlete's performance. Topics that he will focus on include mental imagery, self-talk, goal setting, external vs. internal motivation, personality factors, and performance anxiety. Examples will be catered to a tennis audience. This project will be published on Polygence's Research Archive.

Studies show that mental imagery, self-talk, and goal setting are three important aspects in developing a well-rounded and strong tennis player. Mental imagery can enhance vivid visualization; self-talk can positively influence emotions and attitude; and goal setting is essential to creating the right path for any tennis player. This paper will provide suggestions for young tennis players with the intention of improving mental practice that contributes to the game with the goal of enhancing performance in the long run. After reviewing the primary literature, we recommend that coaches and athletes should incorporate mental imagery, self-talk, and goal setting practices into their training regime as it is likely to lead to positive results.