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Polygence Scholar2024
Lovein Levin's profile

Lovein Levin

Class of 2026



  • "Erosion of Enamel using Eggshells" with mentor Blake (Apr. 24, 2024)

Project Portfolio

Erosion of Enamel using Eggshells

Started Nov. 21, 2023

Abstract or project description

Lovein's science project involves using eggshells as a surrogate for enamel to investigate the effects of different acids and sugary substances on dental health. Through a series of experiments, she will expose these eggshell models to varying acidic and sugary conditions, simulating the impact on teeth. This approach allows her to explore the potential harm that acids and sugars may inflict on dental enamel, providing insights into preventive measures against dental issues. Additionally, Lovein is conducting a thorough literature review, focusing on how acids interact with teeth, the development of dental caries, and the structural composition of enamel. By combining practical experimentation with a comprehensive understanding of existing research, Lovein aims to contribute to our knowledge of dental health and promote effective preventive strategies.