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Logan Symson

Class of 2024Cincinnati, OH



  • "Cardiovascular biomarkers associated with cardiac abnormalities in youth with Turner syndrome" with mentor Nella (May 21, 2023)

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Cardiovascular biomarkers associated with cardiac abnormalities in youth with Turner syndrome

Started Jan. 12, 2023

Abstract or project description

In this review article, various cardiovascular biomarkers that have been found associated with cardiac anomalies in Turner Syndrome (TS) youths will be discussed. Turner Syndrome is a genetic condition in females where one of the X chromosomes (sex chromosomes) is missing or partially missing, consequently resulting in a variety of medical and developmental problems. Among these difficulties are short stature, ovarian failure/infertility, and cardiovascular abnormalities. Current research has found significant correlations between both aortic dissection and arterial stiffness and certain molecular biomarkers in young patients with TS. This article will discuss the specific biomarkers associated with cardiac abnormalities in youth with TS, and the possible clinical applications to this new information about biomarkers. The current method of gaining early insight for cardiovascular malformations in young TS patients is cardiac imaging, which is neither accessible for everyone nor is it time-efficient. The goal for eventual application of the biomarkers as a new method of cardiac observation is that they will be able to replace cardiac imaging in TS patients, therefore making early cardiac insight more accessible and available for nearly everyone. Discussed biomarkers include osteoprotegerin, B-type natriuretic peptides, and N-terminal natriuretic peptides. The goal of this review article is to present the recent findings regarding vascular biomarkers and their correlation to post-adolescent cardiac malformations and to discuss possible clinical applications for these new results.