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Polygence Scholar2021
Kiet Hoa's profile

Kiet Hoa

British International School HanoiClass of 2022Hanoi, N/A



  • "Political Polarization Op-Ed: Why Political Polarization Matters" with mentor Martin (Aug. 22, 2021)

Project Portfolio

Political Polarization Op-Ed: Why Political Polarization Matters

Started May 30, 2021

Abstract or project description

I am doing an op-ed on political polarization and the methods researchers use to measure it. Boxwell, Gentzkow, and Shapiro's 2020 paper examines cross country trends in affective polarization. The op-ed will also be situated in research and journalism on the growing trend of polarization worldwide. In addition, a secondary goal of the project is to break down the writing and equations to make academic research more accessible, while analyzing the methods, findings, and implications. Link to the complete article: https://genzenith.org/articles/f/opinion-why-political-polarisation-matters?blogcategory=Opinion