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Khyati Singh

Class of 2026Baytown, Texas


Hello my name is Khyati and I’m interested in the intersection of computer science and activism because I want to help people with my interests. This includes AI, statistics, machine learning and more. I hope to complete a proper research project and write a Computer Science paper related to topic I’m interested in.


  • "ML Model Question Framework: Mitigating Bias in Clinical Note-Taking" with mentor Jiying (Mar. 12, 2024)

Khyati's Symposium Presentation

Project Portfolio

ML Model Question Framework: Mitigating Bias in Clinical Note-Taking

Started Aug. 4, 2023

Abstract or project description

This project aims to address the issues of bias, equity, and equality in applications of ML/AI algorithms to healthcare. We will first look at case studies of how bias creeps into algorithms (either via data or application) and the ethics issues it raises. By summarizing existing pain points and understanding the implications deeply, we will be able to capture the importance of this topic to society. Next, we aim to propose a framework for developing healthcare AI/ML that will help mitigate and proactively reduce undesirable bias in algorithms, heightening trust, accountability, and responsibility. Finally, we can take a look at how such mitigations are carried out in the real world and analyze the effectiveness and shortcomings of existing approaches. Overall, emphasizes the need to address issues of equality and equity in ML/AI algorithms deployed in healthcare to ensure that vulnerable populations are not put at a greater risk of experiencing poor health outcomes.