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Khushi Chitkara

Class of 2025San Jose, California


Hi! My name is Khushi and my project is on Nuero psychology. I chose this topic, because I am interested in how people's brains truly depict people's actions. After the project, I'd like to make my own discoveries!


  • "What effects do early childhood experiences have on the cognition of social decision making?" with mentor Ollie (Oct. 26, 2023)

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What effects do early childhood experiences have on the cognition of social decision making?

Started Feb. 13, 2023

Abstract or project description

There is currently not enough research on the impacts that early childhood experiences have on the neural cognition of social and regular decision-making. My literature review paper will take a deeper dive into the process of decision-making as a cognitive task. Decision-making is defined as the act of examining various options and choosing the alternative that appears most effective to achieve a specific goal. In this paper, we will also discuss the effects of childhood on social decision-making. Social decision-making is a specific subset of decision-making that considers the influence of others’ thoughts, ideas, or suggestions on our own decisions and choices. Language, memory, and executive functioning are key domains of cognition used in decision-making. In addition to these cognitive processes, an individual’s social decision-making may be affected by their upbringing or the presence of psychiatric disorders such as anxiety and depression. By researching the specific cognitive domains that impact social decision-making, I will be able to look at two aspects of their effects. My literature review will consist of first taking a look at the neurological aspect of social decision-making. I will then look into how childhood experiences affect decision-making later in life. This literature review aims to deepen our understanding of social decision-making and highlights its importance as it helps us be more empathetic towards others and acknowledge others' differences in decision-making. Additionally, it helps us understand people’s reasoning behind certain decisions.