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Polygence Scholar2022
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Kenneth Xu

Milpitas High SchoolClass of 2023MILPITAS, CA



  • "Novel Approaches to Improving Solar Energy Efficiency" with mentor Cheldina (June 29, 2022)

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Novel Approaches to Improving Solar Energy Efficiency

Started Jan. 27, 2022

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The sun is the universe's oldest resource and many organisms on Earth require sunlight to survive, such as in the cases of photosynthesizing plants and the mammalian need for vitamin D for cardiovascular, bone, and mental health. Furthermore, sunlight is also a potentially inexhaustible source of electricity. However, current methods for harnessing sunlight do not produce enough power to meet current demands. Kenneth is investigating novel approaches to improving the energy efficiency of solar power by conducting a scholarly review of potentially transformative research in this field. Bringing light to this topic has positive implications such as reducing the reliance on fossil fuels, allowing solar power to be more accessible to those impoverished, and motivating a future fueled by clean energy.