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Kayan Shah

Leland High SchoolClass of 2025San Jose, California



  • "NFTs: What are they, why do they matter, and how they will disrupt our future?" with mentor Jason (Aug. 25, 2022)

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NFTs: What are they, why do they matter, and how they will disrupt our future?

Started Mar. 19, 2022

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NFTs are unique assets in our digital world and have the potential to affect and change our future in many ways. NFTs have the ability to increase efficiency in different industries. In this paper, I explain how industries could work better using NFT technology, in addition to discussing the important aspects of blockchain technology affecting NFTs. Continued, I discuss the history of this technology, especially in the past year’s exponential growth in space. I created this paper using research done of my own accord and from my own interest. I have included research done on 6 different sectors by looking at NFT projects done in those spaces, the possibility for growth, the technological future in the space, how these sectors are currently working, and the areas for improvement.

I wrote this paper because of my interest in web 3 and especially NFTs. In 2021 and early 2022 I bought and sold a couple of NFTs myself. That really sparked a curiosity to learn and research NFTs and the possibilities they truly have.

In the future, I hope to see NFTs really flourish in a couple of different spaces (gaming, music, art, virtual world, and event ticketing). With continued research and technological advances, I believe that NFTs can really change the way we build and interact online.

This paper taught me many things when it comes to writing and publishing a proper paper. From learning to google better to learn how to structure a paper. I put a lot of time and energy into making it its best. I hope you enjoy and benefit from reading it!