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Kavya Gulati

Class of 2025London, England



  • "Is India tapping into its potential to become a global leader?" with mentor LITCY (Oct. 9, 2023)

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Is India tapping into its potential to become a global leader?

Started Apr. 27, 2023

Abstract or project description

This research project aims to discuss India’s leadership capabilities and potential to becoming a world leader through exploring what developing regions of the world India is sustaining, including SAARC, East African, ASEAN, and Latin American countries. Furthermore, the project will examine what areas India is providing services in, such as infrastructure development, public health improvement, support for enhancing education, environment and climate change, or humanitarian assistance. What instruments India is using are equally important, including technical assistance, financial instruments, technology transfer, and financial aid. The project will discuss why India is providing aid and choosing to exert their soft power upon these countries and how their relationships with India will benefit India in its quest for leadership. Moreover, the paper will analyse India’s relationship with the West, in particular India’s relationship with the EU and the United States. It will describe what this relationship consist of and why this relationship has strengthened in the past decade and what it means for India’s future in terms of becoming a world leader. Finally, the report will consider the success of India’s potential world leadership through exploring the nation itself and if India’s domestic status suggests if it is capable of achieving its aim.