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Polygence Scholar2022
Katherine Guo's profile

Katherine Guo

Keene High SchoolClass of 2024Keene, New Hampshire



  • "Key Issues in the Contemporary Study of Eating Disorders" with mentor Angelica (July 11, 2022)

Project Portfolio

Key Issues in the Contemporary Study of Eating Disorders

Started Mar. 3, 2022

Abstract or project description

Katherine will be completing a literature review focused research paper on the key issues facing the study and treatment of eating disorder's today. In her paper, she will focus on 2-3 main themes. Right now, we have isolated those themes as (1) racial and ethnic disparities in the recognition and treatment of ED's, (2) better understanding the burden of those who care for someone with an ED, and (3) examining the effect of COVID-19 on eating disorder development, prevalence and treatment. Katherine will review all of the latest developments in these topics in order to make evidence based recommendations to stakeholders in the field, and will eventually summarize her findings through accessible, engaging, shareable infographics.