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Karintha Liu

Cheltenham Ladies' CollegeClass of 2022London, England



  • "Comparing and contrasting the role, missions and impacts of farms in the UK and Hong Kong" with mentor Czarina (Dec. 20, 2022)

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Comparing and contrasting the role, missions and impacts of farms in the UK and Hong Kong

Started Mar. 16, 2022

Abstract or project description

Farms play a small role in society nowadays, as they may be seen as less prominent in their role compared to their roles in previous decades. On the one hand, it is often more profitable to make money from real estate or non-agricultural industries rather than from farming. Additionally, in some areas like Hong Kong, land is extremely scarce. As a result, It’s rare for Hong Kong residents to have opportunities to learn about farming since many grow up in urban areas and do not have many chances to go into nature. Many are not aware about the effects of agriculture and how it can expand beyond being profitable but also able educating and preserving a tradition. Given all this, it is hard to understand why some people still own farmland instead of using it for educational purposes. But what compels people to even keep it as farmland? And not just turn it into another building site? In the UK, there is much more available land. More people are willing to grow their ownproduce, and agriculture is seen as a normal practice with the potential to bring in serious income. But beyond the economic benefits, what are other reasons people in the UK become farmers? I will be using qualitative research methods including semi-structured interviews and an online literature review. The ultimate goal of this project is to produce an article or essay that people in Hong Kong can read to get a better understanding of the opportunity that they have to experience farming and connect with nature.