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Polygence Scholar2023
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karim seify

Class of 2025Laguna Hills, CA


Hello. My name is Karim and my Polygence project is on Type 1 Diabetes. I chose to work on this project because my friend is diagnosed with it and I would like to know what advances or options can be available to him to manage or treat his disease.


  • "New advancements in the treatment of Type1 Diabetes" with mentor Yoelkys (Aug. 27, 2023)

Project Portfolio

New advancements in the treatment of Type1 Diabetes

Started Oct. 28, 2022

Abstract or project description

Karim is learning about new and ongoing advancements in the treatment of type1 Diabetes. He hopes to put together an article that details the state of current research in diabetes. This will compare traditional treatments for the symptoms of diabetes to new medications and potentially surgeries that are aimed at helping these patients.