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Polygence Scholar2023
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Kaitlyn Kwan

Dublin High SchoolClass of 2023Dublin, California



  • "Analyzing Mental Health Keyword Trends in Reddit Posts over Time" with mentor Celine (Jan. 19, 2023)

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Analyzing Mental Health Keyword Trends in Reddit Posts over Time

Started Apr. 25, 2022

Abstract or project description

Kaitlyn is interested in researching the common causes or issues that are affecting the mental health of teenagers, as seen through their social media posts. The way that she will do this is by looking at the keywords users are using in their posts on Reddit when they are describing their mental health issues. Outside of count-based processes to determine common keywords, Kaitlyn will explore some machine learning techniques to determine the role that the concepts described by these keywords play in modern mental health. One avenue of exploration will be in looking at the context of the sentence to see if the word is being used positively or negatively. Another will be to see if certain keywords pop up together more frequently when certain events occur in the world.