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Junze Sun

Class of 2025Coralville, Iowa



  • "The influence of reddit on stock prices" with mentor David (July 30, 2023)

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The influence of reddit on stock prices

Started Jan. 13, 2023

Abstract or project description

Opening: introduce some background in regards to significant events such as GME short squeeze, state hypothesis above, outline questions to answer (specifics like percentages of stock price changes, comparing numbers from different instances of increased social media attention in specific stocks) Main components: explain methodology on data collection (how, where, what factors are being considered, requirements for data inputs, calculations, etc). Search platforms like reddit, use yahoo finance for stock analysis Control, s&p 500 comparison SPY Mentions in reddit Search within subreddits Data by day Yahoo finance Compare change per day vs traction per day Variable representing level of interaction Search for posts for the day If main post mentions GME, record total upvotes for day List of companies with lots of social media attention, choose stock from there to analyze Results of data collection, analyzing trends and discussing how it answers questions/supports (or not) the hypothesis. Use graphs and other various means of expressing data. Conclusion: Summarize points and how data answers questions, state definitively if hypothesis is supported or not.