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junwoo kim

Class of 2026



  • "Commentary on GMOs" with mentor Riya (Mar. 29, 2024)

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Commentary on GMOs

Started Nov. 1, 2023

Abstract or project description

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have played a significant role in human health, agriculture, and the environment since its original development. GMOs are organisms whose DNA (genetic material) has been altered through genetic engineering techniques to possess desired qualities, such as resistance to disease, increase crop production yield, etc.. As technology and science continues to improve, the world has seen more usage of GMOs being implemented into society, drawing attention from environmentalists, media, and individuals concerned with the potential unforeseen effects that GMOs may have on human consumption, usage, and environment . Here, I present a deep dive into three cases that utilize GMOs and speak to their benefits and negatives in each scenario.