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Polygence Scholar2023
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Julie Espinoza

Class of 2025Richmond, California


Hi! My name is Julie Espinoza and my polygenic project is on excessive screen use on childrens temperament and inattention below ages 7.

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Effects of Excessive Screen Use on the Development of Emotional Temperament and Inattention in Children Below Ages 7

Started July 18, 2023

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The excess use of screens among young children has led us to question its negative effects on child development such as their attention abilities and temperament (or emotional responses). Recent generations have become more dependent on the use of screens with the ongoing advancements in digital technology that have created efficient shortcuts to daily tasks, whether it be through schoolwork or forms of entertainment. Previous research conducted on adults and adolescents highlight the negative impacts of screen use towards their general well being. However, little research has examined how young children's developing neuro-cognitive functions may be interrupted by excessive screen use. To better understand the development, parental, and psychological effects of screens on children, the current paper reviewed previous research examining the quantity of screen exposure in connection to the levels of attention and temperament in young children below age 7. I hypothesized that excessive screen exposure negativity affects attention in children, as well as a negative outcome for temperament. Overall it was found that the evidence supported the hypothesis that screen exposure negatively impacted temperament and attention in children under age 7, except for selective attention, where young children seemed to benefit from the screen use of a specific technology. These findings have the potential to bring awareness to the public of the importance that screen use has on child development, so that parents are more cautious of the long-term effects and habits that excessive screen use can leave on their children.