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Joy Ndamukunda

Texas Virtual Academy at Hallsville (Online School)Class of 2023Houston, Texas



  • "The false labeling of minority students having learning disabilities in HISD." with mentor Rina (Jan. 6, 2022)

Project Portfolio

The false labeling of minority students having learning disabilities in HISD.

Started Oct. 13, 2021

Abstract or project description

My project will research and try to develop solutions to the issue of falsely labeling students of Color as having learning disabilities more in predominantly white schools than in primarily student of Color schools in Houston, Texas. I will specifically examine how students with learning disabilities are labeled and why, and compare how it is this labeling is made in predominantly white schools in contrast to predominantly student of Color schools. My main focus will be on how people of color are classified as having a learning disability, why their labeling differs when they attend mainly primarily white schools rather than predominantly student of Color schools, and the factors that contribute to this problem. I will also present how students of Color take the TAKS-M at a disproportionate rate than White students. This issue also contributed to modern-day segregation because the TAKS-M test is given to students who are in even more special need. This test is given to students of Color on the basis of assumptions from their teachers. This way of identifying whether a student needs to take the TAKS-M invites bias and prejudice into their reasoning. Furthermore, I will research and attempt to find policy solutions to this issue. Moreover, I will send a letter to the mayor of my city and the president of my school district. Then. if they respond to my letter I will present my presentation to them. The reasoning is to inform them of this issue so that solutions can be made.