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Joelle Kim

Menlo SchoolClass of 2024Los Altos, California


Hi! My name is Joelle and I wrote a research paper about the relationship between the frequency of peer interaction and the social-emotional development of preschool-aged children!


  • "Associations Among Peer Interaction and Social-Emotional Development in Early Childhood" with mentor Emma (Aug. 31, 2022)

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Associations Among Peer Interaction and Social-Emotional Development in Early Childhood

Started Feb. 20, 2022

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This study examines the relation between peer interactions and social-emotional development in preschool-aged children. Indeed, past work has indicated that positive peer interactions have a positive impact on social-emotional development, and that social-emotional development is important in preparing children to learn in school. This pilot study assesses the relationship between preschool-aged children’s frequency of peer interactions and their social-emotional development. For this study, parents of five children from the same church preschool class reported the amount of peer interaction their child generally engaged in and their social-emotional development. The results showed a negative correlation between Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ) scores (i.e., the number of social-emotional issues) and amount of play interactions. While not statistically significant, the findings directionally support the hypothesis that increased number of peer interactions appears to be associated with fewer social-emotional issues. A larger study is warranted to replicate results with statistical significance and to identify specific conditions when peer interaction has a measurable impact on a child’s social-emotional development.