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Joelle Kim

Menlo SchoolClass of 2024Los Altos, California



  • "How does peer interaction predict young children's social-emotional abilities?" with mentor Emma (Aug. 31, 2022)

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How does peer interaction predict young children's social-emotional abilities?

Started Feb. 20, 2022

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This study examines the relation between peer interactions and social-emotional development in preschool aged children. Indeed, past work has indicated that positive peer interactions have a positive impact on social-emotional development, and that social-emotional development is important in preparing children to learn in school. This study assesses the relationship between preschool aged children’s frequency and quality of peer interactions and their social-emotional development. For this study, parents of five children from the same church preschool class reported the amount of peer interaction their child generally engaged in, and their social-emotional development. The results suggested that in this set of children, no direct relationship was found between the amount of peer interaction a child faced and their social-emotional development. However, because the sample size of this particular research set was very small, this study cannot be generalized and further research is needed to identify specific conditions when peer interaction has a measurable impact on a child’s social-emotional development.