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Polygence Scholar2024
Linda Lyu's profile

Linda Lyu

Class of 2024Wollongong, NSW


- High school designer with a fierce love of architecture - Experience with Fusion 360, Rhino 7 and ARCHICAD - Interest research topics: The effects of design features on human behaviour and psychology. Specifically researching - and testing, through surveys - the ways architecture and urban planning can improve human well-being. The Chinese traditional construction method: Dougong. Including its historical development and value, methodology, and its potential applications for modern China. The concept of biophilia, plus the discovery, the qualities, and the incorporation of biophilic materials, such as mycelium-based materials and living walls.


  • "Sustainable shelter targeting overpopulation and disasters" with mentor Ian (Apr. 16, 2024)

Project Portfolio

Sustainable shelter targeting overpopulation and disasters

Started May 19, 2023

Abstract or project description

To design an affordable and efficient solution for renovating slums and decrepit buildings in densely populated regions, that incorporates cheaper, natural materials and the traditional construction technique of Dougong, in order to increase earthquake resistance of the building. The overall goal is to design a safe, high-rise apartment complex that can be efficiently built to address the housing crisis and the cost of housing for slum dwellers. Structure and safety will be the major focus of this project which will be tested through paper models, software models etc, and performance will be assessed with wind and seismic tests. In addition, material choice is very important in its compatibility with Dougong, cost and maintenance requirements, assessed through research and advice from Architects. Another factor for success will be the space and energy efficiency of the building, to provide enough spaces for public areas and less costly energy resources. Space efficiency can be achieved with careful planning using floor plans and 3D models, while energy efficiency can be increased with research and integration of sustainable design features. The integration of Dougong in modern buildings will be the main theory aspect of the project, as it is my subject of exploration and a crucial step to using materials efficiently.