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Jessica Jun

Class of 2024Seou, Seoul



  • "What are the ethical challenges of AI tools like ChatGPT for high school students in South Korea?" with mentor Zahra (Dec. 17, 2023)

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What are the ethical challenges of AI tools like ChatGPT for high school students in South Korea?

Started July 13, 2023

Abstract or project description

I think ChatGPT is a unique and the most rising revolutionary invention in 21 century that makes people rely more on artificial intelligence tools, and also can diminish people’s thinking and judgment abilities. ChatGPT and other AI tools bring a lot of advantages and benefits to our lives such as offering the efficiency and enhanced quality of education, and providing a more equitable education to every student. However, this new development of AI tools can reduce social interaction between teachers and students, which is an essential aspect of learning, or has numerous possibilities to bring some ethical challenges like academic plagiarism issues. As more and more people are using ChatGPT and other technical tools, I believe that the educators need to provide more clear guidance to their students on using those tools so that they do not use ChatGPT as a replacement for their critical thinking skills or stifle their further possibility of development. Just like the rest of the world, students in South Korea are also starting to use ChatGPT for their homework and assignments. For instance, me and my peers were given an assignment to create a sample SAT question by ourselves. However, most of the students chose to use ChatGPT. Such reliance on AI tools could severely hamper their critical thinking ability. Hence, I decided to conduct my research project on the ethical issues on ChatGPT for high school students in South Korea. For this purpose, I plan to conduct interviews with high school students, some teachers, and some parents and then write a blog post to share more widely.