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Polygence Scholar2022
Jada Gohar's profile

Jada Gohar

Brentwood SchoolClass of 2023Los Angeles, California



  • "N/A" with mentor Shariq (May 27, 2022)

Project Portfolio


Started Nov. 10, 2021

Abstract or project description

While discussing my interests with my mentor, Shariq, it was clear that I wanted to focus on something related to international relations and real-world issues. My initial idea for this program was to write a simple research paper, however, after reviewing all the fun and exciting projects other Polygence students have done, I wanted to do something more creative. Having some written piece of work to go along with my project was something I wanted to have, so when brainstorming different ideas, I thought of making a children’s book. The book will focus on different immigrants’ stories illustrating their unique but also interconnected experiences while navigating their new lives in the US. The audience of this children’s book is children who feel different and want something to relate to. Since this book will be a children’s book, the topics covered and discussed on the surface should be simple, however, they will have deeper meanings. I have been in photography for the past 3 years and my absolute favorite pictures to take are basic images that have a much deeper meaning. I want this book to incorporate my photography, my writing, and immigrants’ personal stories.