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Ho Lee

Class of 2025Wayne, NJ


Hello! My name is Ho Giustino Lee. I am from small town of Canberry, right west of Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada. By using Polygence, I want to deeply understand and conduct advanced research on Linguistics and its development.


  • "The differences between each language's scripts and writing systems" with mentor Allen (Oct. 7, 2023)

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The differences between each language's scripts and writing systems

Started Jan. 25, 2023

Abstract or project description

The languages are diverse, with 6,000 to 7,000 currently being used. However, in terms of the writing system, many languages chose and settled up different pathways. Some languages use the dominant world of the writing system (only four writing systems of Latin Alphabets, Chinese Characters, Arabic Abjads, and Cyrillic Alphabets used by most of the world's languages), notably Vietnamese, adapted their writing system to already widely-used system. This script adaptation in such countries as Vietnam would benefit the confusing societies, including the nation's more straightforward unification and transformation since the colonial era and easier access to trade with foreign countries, especially the Western countries mainly used the Latin script. On the other hand, languages like the Inuit Languages of Northern Canada and Greenland chose another pathway to invent the new character. Inuits and Greenlandic were able to develop their writing system based on the Cree alphabet of the missionaries. By creating unique alphabets, Inuits could preserve their distinct culture by integrating the Canadian and Danish European cultures and protecting their ethnic identity. In addition, this new development of the writing system also contributed to further linguistic diversity.