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Polygence Scholar2023
Haash Mehta's profile

Haash Mehta

Class of 2024Jackson, New Jersey



  • "How can 3D CNNs be used to predict Alzheimer's disease?" with mentor Adam (Oct. 23, 2023)

Project Portfolio

How can 3D CNNs be used to predict Alzheimer's disease?

Started June 30, 2023

Abstract or project description

The goal is a Canva scientific presentation for 8-10 minutes that will discuss the applications of biomedical imaging AI in Alzheimer’s’ disease.

Haash will provide relevant context on both biomedical imaging and modern deep learning. Topics will include a description of Alzheimer's disease, MRIs, neural networks, and convolutional neural networks. Next, he will introduce the problem/hypothesis, explaining why researchers are turning to deep learning. After that, he will highlight two to three recent studies related to this topic, assessing their results and limitations. Finally, Haash will discuss the future impact this research could have. This will culminate in an in-depth literature review that is summarized in the presentation.