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Ha Truong

RMIT UniversityClass of 2020Hanoi, Hanoi


Hello! My name is Truong Hoang Ha, I'm a freshman at RMIT university in Hanoi, Vietnam. I'm majoring in Informational Technology but I also have an interest in Urbanism and Environmental Engineering. I love animals and listening to interesting podcasts. A favorite of mine is 99% Invisible. I also love tinkering around with whatever I take an interest in, usually computer-related. The goal of my project is to improve a public space in Hanoi using tactical urbanism.


  • "Prediction of the Performance of a Multi-storey Building with and without Base Isolation" with mentor Joaquin (Apr. 7, 2022)
  • "" with mentor Karilin (Working project)

Project Portfolio

Prediction of the Performance of a Multi-storey Building with and without Base Isolation

Started Dec. 1, 2021

Abstract or project description

My student will be working on understanding the fundamentals of structural engineering in order to perform a prediction of the performance a multistory building under ground excitation. We will then apply these principles to do a hand calculations and compare with ground motion time-history. We will then compare the benefits of base isolation and without base isolation. Then write a report on our findings.

Project Portfolio

Started Sept. 29, 2021